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Nanofoams consist of an open-celled network of pores; the pore sizes within the foam can be synthetically varied from a few nanometers to microns in diameter to meet requested specifications. In addition to the production of bulk foams, we also specialize in the production of molded foam shapes and geometries as well as engineering foams and foam properties to meet requirements.We synthesize many foam and aerogel systems to meet a wide range requirement.  Materials can be fabricated as molded, monolithic structures, thin films, hollow shells, solid beads, or as spray-on coatings.
We specialize in the development and production of nanofoams including inorganic aerogels such as silica, tantalum oxide, and a range of mixed oxide aerogels as well as organic aerogels such as resorcinol-formaldehyde and carbon nanofoams
Our synthetic techniques and innovative ideas are not limited by off-the-shelf process equipment: We custom design and fabricate fully-integrated laboratory and process hardware complete with supervisory computer control and data handling.